What We Do

Data Loss Accidentally deleted important files or photos or perhaps your external drive is no longer working? Check our dedicated Data Recovery Service page.

Web Services Our Web Presence service provides flexible options for your online prescence. Check out our Web Services page.

Computer Repairs & Upgrade Service If your system is starting to get slower then Contact Us. We upgrade system components like Memory and CPU's. If something is broken internally we also offer a repair service.

Computer Tuition Would you like 1 to 1 tuition concerning your computer, laptop, digital camera and internet use? We offer excellent personal, friendly tuition services. Check our dedicated Tuition Page.

Software Installations We have expertise with all Microsoft Operating Systems and excellent knowledge of a great many applications. We can readily diagnose and troubleshoot application problems.

Computer Security We can give you advice on keeping your data secure, anything from Encrypting Services to physical security and network security. Let us help you protect your resources.

Networking We help to make it easier to share all your data and wired and wireless resources seamlessly. We are on hand to help get your home or small business connected to the Internet as securely as possible.

Virus & Spyware Removal If your computer is infected with a Virus you'll need to get it off as soon as possible. Spyware can also cause all sorts of issues as well and likewise you'll be wanting to keep your computer free of it. If you have an infection or a suspected infection don't leave it, get in contact with us and we will isolate and remove it.

Buisness Consultation If its time for your company to invest in a server, then let us help you. We can advise on the best, cost effective solution for your business.

If you don'e see what you are looking for above, then please do get in touch! Contact Us