Computer MOT

Computers need to be regularly maintained to perform effectively, much like your car, so it is important to run maintenance checks on them to help prevent issues from arising.

At ClearTech IT we offer an MOT service where we book your computer in for a regular maintenance check twice a year.

The computer MOT can help with the following issues:

  • - Slow Computer Performance
  • - Running out of disc space
  • - Computer Overheating
  • - Preventing future problems
  • - Computer Viruses & Spyware

If you have any known issues with the computer we can arrange to look at those at the same time.

This superb service is available to you for from just £45, including local area pickup.

Computer MOTChecks

Computer MOT

As part of the service we will check the following:

  • Virus Removal & Spyware Removal
  • Unwanted Programs Removal
  • Operating System Clean Up
  • Scan and Defragment your drives
  • Clean Accumulation of Dust
  • Provide a Report Detailing Recommendations