Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Recently my computer has become slower and slower, loading times have increased and it now takes noticeably longer to respond. Do I have a virus?

Not necessarily, there could be several reasons for this but a virus is also a possibility, your computer maybe overloaded with programs running in the background so a simple tidy up or upgrade may help improve performance but the only way to tell for sure is to book it in with us for a complete analysis.

Q. I accidently deleted some important files from my computer and I really need them back, is there anything that can be done?

Quite often we are able to recover data with very satisfactory results, the first thing to do if this happens is to stop working on the computer and contact us immediately, doing this will help prevent your lost data becoming corrupted and give us the best opportunity for a full recovery.

Q. My computer no longer boots up what's happening and what can I do?

Firstly don't panic, there could be many reason why a computer fails to boot, it could be anything from failing hardware to a corrupted operating system. Whatever the cause data is usually safe and the problem can normally be rectified.

Q. Being a small company that's recently expanded we have a need for more computers and a better I.T. system that can handle files, backups and accounts etc, what would you recommend?

Every case is different and the exact solution varies from company to company, we usually start by looking at your current setup and making upgrades as required. Most businesses these days would benefit from having a server to handle storage, backups and account management.

Q. I know nothing about computers and have very little experience of the internet, however as a self employed person I realise the need to advertise my services and skills and expand my customer base. Can you help?

We offer a service especially for people in such a position, our Web Presence service provides you with a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Web/Blog site for a one-off fee. We can also provide a tuition service on 1-1 or group basis.

Q. I have recently signed up to a Broadband contract at home. We have 2 computers and 2 laptops in the house so would require cable and wireless solutions with security being a primary concern. How would I go about this?

Home Broadband setups are normally straight forward, we can run cable from your router to any room in your house (ideal for any desktops you have) and provide a secure wireless network for laptop users or guests.